National Women in Engineering Day – Stacey Clifford


Post by Stacey Clifford, section engineer

When I was in year 11 I attended a ‘Women in Science and Engineering’ weekend at Bradford University. We worked in teams to do problem solving challenges, built the Millennium Wheel out of paper and went on a site visit.  I enjoyed the practical element of applying maths and science theory to real world problems, so I then looked into doing engineering at university.

Last December I was thrilled to be able to attend a UN Habitat Expert Group Meeting focusing on the role of women in construction, held in Nairobi, with participants from around the world. I have a strong belief that this industry is for everyone, and so it was an incredibly proud moment for me when I was invited to attend.

I feel that people have a preconception of what the industry is like, and it is usually very different to reality. The engineering and construction sectors are more diverse than you probably imagined and there is a wide range of roles available: from housing to mega-projects, getting your boots dirty out on site, to working in large design offices contributing to the infrastructure that makes the world function.

My day job is extremely varied. I could be facilitating workshops between the operational and planning teams, making sure that models are developed in a way which our teams can use, or investigating potential new functionality.

Since I am working at Hinkley Point C, the first of the new fleet of nuclear power stations being built in the UK, it is a really new area in the infrastructure industry, so we truly are forging our own paths. This means we are trying to help develop tools which improve the effectiveness of our construction teams and help change behaviours to encourage people to work collaboratively.

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