National Women in Engineering Day – Rebecca Brennan


Post by Rebecca Brennan, principal consultant

I was inspired to work with like-minded people and contribute to improving our infrastructure. I have always loved applying a logical and mathematical approach to serve a practical purpose, and so these skills are what initially gave me an interest in computing science.

I have had the opportunity to work on many different projects, such as the procurement and kitting out of an office space for it to become a control room for Traffic Scotland. This involved gaining an understanding of the operational requirements, ergonomic factors and also practical issues relating to a 24-hour working regime.  The work was very varied, covering a lot of areas. For example, I would liaise with the stakeholder groups, who would be using the Control Room, right down to laying cables under the raised floor, setting up desks and kitchen arrangements.

There are so many different aspects to engineering that I honestly feel there’s something for everyone.  Whether your interest lies in more traditional engineering, or more client side requirements, being able to understand the underlying principles and ‘speak the same language’ means the opportunities in the industry are endless.

I am keen to continue to develop my consultancy skills and use them to form relationships with new and existing clients and continue the success of ITS. My career allows me to grow and learn the industry, helping me to progress in a variety of different ways which is an exciting way to work!

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